Hello, we are Movidaria!

We help the greatest brazilian companies move in the right direction through unique learning experiences.

What do we do?

We design, develop and deliver Consulting projects and Learning experiences that move people and companies wherever they want.

We want to encourage people to be more independent, authentic in their trajectories and with greater decision-making power in the face of their own challenges. We are present and flexible. We believe that time is now, that people need to be whole in what they are doing and that connections are necessary for the realization of their dreams.

No more “niceness” (you know what we’re talking about, right?) in the world of corporate learning! Enough of pouring out content, information and energy in a time that does not yet exist (“the future”). Start providing learning experiences that mobilize people to act now. Come with us to move today!

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We access different methodologies and tools to create learning experiences focused on now. We seek constant understanding and improvement to deliver original and current solutions.

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Experiences for
leaders and teams

With more than 20 years on the road, we know the difference that engaged, high-performing teams make in organizations. Our experiences aim to develop leaders and teams in a practical way so that they can act effectively to meet their demands today.
Digital experiences

We see technology as a means to learning and development, not an end in itself. We consider the context of the professional and the nature of the project to choose which of them can be used and not “because it is cool to use”.
Innovation Experiences

We design experiences to help people “turn the key” to their mindsets, helping them to get their hands on the ground in developing solutions that address their customers’ real problems and challenges.

We have the ability and know-how to understand the business and bridge the gap with the development of people, structuring learning architectures at different levels of depth and for any audience, with a focus on corporate strategy and its goals.
for HR

In a world where work and career are being reshaped, HR also needs to reinvent itself, changing its way of acting in front of the new paradigms of the corporate world. Our experiences offer a new look at the role of the area and its operating model.
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Our approach to the world

We believe it is necessary to move to expand the look, the emotions, the plans and the achievements. Endless movements.

Endless moves, now!

Al. dos Maracatins, 1217 – Cjs 306/307 . Moema
São Paulo . SP . Brasil
phone. +55 11 5579.4877