What we believe


We believe in the power of movement. We are movers, energy thrusters.

Movidaria happened in a Minas Gerais way, from the happy meeting of people who believe that strong relationships are built through good conversations. Our essence is genuinely simple and full of hospitality. We are a team of people who put a lot of passion into what they do. With different capabilities, an analytical look to bring what is most pertinent to add value to each project and an extremely sharp perception to understand what is best for each moment. We’ve been moving people closer to their dreams for 20 years.

We want to provide the possibility of dreaming higher and higher. Dreams of all sizes. We believe in the power of the human being to go beyond everything he or she ever imagined. In order to reach this new platform, let’s use action as a springboard instead of waiting. That is why we bet on:  go ahead and do it!

We are not looking for answers in a tomorrow that has not yet come. We want to vibrate in the intensity of now. We choose to talk about a time that exists and we want to be together to live the discoveries with you. For us “today” is what matters most.

The new is already there and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our team

Alcir Miguel
Businessman, married to a spectacular woman and father of a loving daughter. In love with people, travel, wine, food and competitions.

Leonardo Zagotta
Well married and with two beautiful children, I try to align my “engineer’s head” with the “designer’s hands” in everything I do.

Monica Carvalho
A student of human behavior, I have a great love for people, education, books, travel, dance and for Lennon, my 4-legged child!

Leticia Casavella
Daughter of immigrants passionate about languages, books, cinema, theater, writing, cold weather, Elvis, cats, travel, wine, chocolate and especially being happy.

Anamélia Macêdo
Born in Pernambuco, wife, mother of Beatriz and in love with the family. I love music, piano, books, toasting with friends and being challenged.

Cauê Vicente
Philosopher’s concerns, educator’s heart, essence and diploma of psychologist, designer’s look. Add some passion for guitar, music, travel, cooking and eating: pleasure, Cauê!

Elaine Grotti
Daughter of an incredible mineira, wife, friend and mother of a beautiful and loving daughter. I love being with people, traveling and visiting unique and incredible places.

Fabiana Gabrielli
Paulistana with pride, daughter of great parents and mother of a loving teenager. The permanent restlessness defines me very well!

Fernando Vieira
Beach lover, married and father of Pedrão and Manu. Eternal lover of the sea and its waves, trips, good conversation, beers, food and family.

Guilherme Neli
Bauruense, future advertiser who came to the big city to try my luck in love and work.

Juliana Fortino
I love my family (Paulo and Diogo), we fight, we make noise and we love each other. They are my home and Movidaria drives me forward with unique experiences.

Lilian Campos
Mineira, well married and mother of two wonderful children, I love to walk with my family, to travel and to enjoy my friends.

Luiza Zacharias
Mother, wife, friend, psychologist and coach. I love to enjoy my family, friends, travel and learn new things that challenge me.

Lucas Mineto
Born and raised in the countryside of São Paulo. Musician in my spare time and passionate about sports, old cars.

Matheus Fernandes
Born in ABC, passionate about SP. Designer, photographer, advertiser. Appreciator of a good cold beer and good music.

Necy Teixeira
Paulistana from the south side, mother of a cute little boy – crazy about hip hop, fashion, art and literature.

Núbia Carolina
I am a paulista who loves to spend time with my messy animals, passionate about music, films and series.

Samael Merkle
Paulistano by birth, Uruguayan by creation. Married, father of 3 children, and in love with my soccer team.

Alex Barros
Native of São Paulo, married and father of a fantastic son. Crazy about games, series and food.

David Dantas
Multidisciplinary manager, passionate about people and learning. Fan of activities that involve logic and creativity, guitar player and official cook in family meetings

Endless moves, now!

Al. dos Maracatins, 1217 – Cjs 306/307 . Moema
São Paulo . SP . Brasil
phone. +55 11 5579.4877