Our approach to the world

The spiral of movement is our way of seeing movements and helping the individual (or a group of them) to deal with the mismatch between technological and human evolution. This approach is a way of trying to understand the human being from an integral perspective: body, mind, soul and heart and that we must consider all these aspects when we are acquiring some new knowledge/skills or simply moving through life.

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Where did it come from?

Based on our individual experiences and as an organization, we focus on the dynamics of movement and identify the four elements that help individuals to move with more psychological comfort, regardless of the direction or size of the intended movement.

The dynamics of movement

The Snap is a spark that changes the way we look at something, generates understanding and moves emotion, highlighting the need to move. To have a Snap is to link a cognitive formulation to an emotion, through the stimulation of the various sensory channels.

When the individual sees the benefits of the movement and there is psychological comfort, he/she awakens the courage to engage and take the first step, creating the Commitment. The commitment is to understand the losses and gains of the movement, it needs to be strengthened throughout the movement and celebrated when achieving the objectives.

The Plan organizes thoughts and emotions, generates confidence so that the next steps can be taken and facilitates the realization of the movement. The plan clears the way and generates confidence so that you can dive in, experiencing each step of the journey in a structured way.

The Network offers support to the individual in the difficulties of the movement and celebration of the achievements accomplished. It intensifies the individual’s satisfaction in carrying out the movement and in continuing to pursue their goal. It also strengthens the individual in the face of external obstacles and self-sabotage.

Why the spiral?

Each movement is unique, and some or all of the four elements can, without specific order, lead people to a new place. It is not possible to exercise movement for someone, but it is possible to generate stimuli and support other individuals as their support network. By experiencing the four elements of the process, the individual promotes the necessary connections, making their movements full of energy, courageous, structured and generating results.

And in practice?

We believe that every challenge that comes is a request for movementand it is the spiral of movement that helps us to see the movement of the client and how we can support them. We use the spiral as a pair of glasses, to understand each demand that comes to us, both for individual cases and for groups of people. In short, we identify what the movement is and how we can drive it forward.


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