Corporate University

Strategy-driven development

We already know that, in companies, many training and development initiatives happen in a dispersed way and in general they are misaligned with the business strategy – not to mention the formats and environments that help neither in learning nor in practical application. In this sense, have you ever wondered if these learning actions are connected to your company’s objectives for the future? Can they translate these objectives for all employees in an organized and efficient manner? Have you ever thought about having a model that is capable of guiding all this? Because that’s exactly what we do with Corporate Universities: in this type of solution we understand your goals and vision for the future and we seek a way to align them with the development of people.

Learning Trails

Preparing people for their daily challenges

The goals and the pressure for results are sine qua non conditions of the corporate world – that we all already know. But each organization can, and should, choose its own means and way to achieve its objectives. Have you ever stopped to think that people’s development can be designed to achieve these results? That the way, sequence and agility with which development initiatives are offered can accelerate even more the performance of teams? This is what we seek to do with the design of Learning Trails: offer a structure that involves sequencing, different environments and learning objects so that people develop themselves with flexibility and focus on their specific challenges.

Academy and Leadership School

Create the leaders your organization needs

Certainly, much of a company’s culture has its mood from the example the leader sets every day, doesn’t it? And we know that it is not simple to bring a professional from the market to this position, right? This is where the Academies and Leadership Schools intend to help the business: offering the development of a leadership anchored in the values, objectives and culture of the organization which, as we know, are always unique. We design and develop the structure, the sequencing, the environments and learning objects (face-to-face and digital) for your leaders.

Business Model

To sell, it’s not enough to have the gift of the gab!

Any business needs salespeople. No matter if your business is retail, private, door-to-door or digital, this is a critical area and largely responsible for generating revenue for companies. It’s a very common idea – which you must have already heard – that, in order to sell, the person “has to have a gift” or “be extroverted”, and so on. If that were the case, it would be easy to set up a successful sales team, don’t you think? We believe that, before setting up a team, setting goals and go for it, organizations need a Business Model capable of guiding the planning, approach, portfolio management, in short, the entire business process, guiding the way to sell and relate to prospects and customers.

Commercial School

Even “born sellers” need to develop themselves

The commercial or sales area is, by nature, composed of very competitive people and full of energy to make it happen. But, with the internet, the old asymmetry of information in favor of the seller has practically disappeared, and today its energy must be channeled to sales efforts supported by techniques, neuroscience, knowledge of the product and the competition and also customer reading, among other factors, besides being adherent to the culture of your organization. Here we design and develop the structure, the sequencing, the environments and learning objects for your sales team, within the needs of the business.

Employee Experience

In the era of the “client collaborator”, work is an experience

It is a fact that the most prominent companies in the consumer goods or services market are definitely those that see the customers and their desires as the central point of their business and adapt to offer a memorable experience to them and no longer a service or product. What if we use this same logic to re-signify the relationship between the organization and its closest client (the collaborator), seeing him/her as a consumer of the work experience that your company offers? What would be the results? We map the elements of your employing brand and design, together with you, the employee’s journey, connecting your business strategy to the motivation of the professionals who work in the company or who are in the job market.

Redesign of technical contents

Technical content doesn’t have to be boring

It is very common to see experts applying the content they master, but in a less attractive way. We know that training employees in technical skills goes far beyond the manual: it involves understanding the best way to pass on that information and guiding them on how to apply it in everyday life. In this type of solution, we put the user at the center of everything, not the content. To map the best way to conduct the content, we apply instructional design methodologies with the support of experts (content owners), creating learning experiences more adherent to the reality of the target audience.

Training of multipliers

Teaching is not about transferring knowledge, but about creating the possibilities for its construction.

In our years of progress and projects throughout the various clients we serve, there is a clear statement: there is a lot of valuable knowledge installed in the areas, sectors and teams of companies. In this sense, it is increasingly important and strategic to develop people capable of teaching what they know. To this end, we help you train your employees or internal multipliers/instructors to create and conduct meaningful, efficient learning experiences that reflect the company’s culture.

Endless moves, now!

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