A look at your career and performance

If we look closely, almost everything around us is the result of Design Thinking. From the chair where you’re sitting to the smartphone you’re using to read this text, every project, solution or service started as a problem to be solved. What if we use these same design lenses to look at the life, career and performance of your company’s employees? Do their dreams connect with the organization’s dream? Why do they do what they do and what gains do they generate for the business and for themselves? To provide discoveries like these, we design a personalized experience that offers, through a “double” between experiences and design tools, opportunities for self-knowledge, experimentation and testing for your employees to approach their best versions.

Rookie manager

Have you ever met someone who slept led and woke up leader?

Many times, the lack of time to carry out the planning and the transformations that the company goes through make structured development actions difficult for people to assume new positions, which is even more critical for leadership. But have you ever imagined the difference that a well prepared and developed employee would make to your company? That’s why we developed the Rookie Manager, an experience that aims to accelerate the transition from led to first leadership, with practical approaches and support from experts who can help clarify the insecurities of this moment.

Accelerating potentials

Maturity is fundamental for those who want to be leaders

Our experience recognizes two very common profiles in organizations: veteran leaders who have a great deal of background, experience and certainties; and younger professionals who are argumentative and have the ambition to realize their dreams. This scenario can be a source of problems and conflicts, but we see it as a great opportunity for the growth of organizations, strengthening the pipeline of leaders. But one thing is fundamental in this process: you can’t be an immature leader. Our focus is on designing experiences that accelerate the maturity of these potentials, so that they are as prepared as possible to take on leadership positions, after all, the technical content is easily found on Google.

Development of successors

Sooner or later

The lack of someone prepared to take on a strategic position within the company can have devastating consequences for the future of the business. The succession process for senior leadership positions needs to anticipate these consequences and prepare its employees so that the company can continue to grow in the future. And to help you, we’ve designed a program that helps map these potential leaders and a way to develop them into strategic positions.

Leadership by influence

In an increasingly connected world, no one does anything alone

The role of the leader today goes far beyond managing people and processes. It is knowing how to act, generating confidence and being flexible in the face of the challenges of everyday life. In addition, the leader needs to know his/her team and understand its limits and the potential of each one so that, through a healthy influence, the company’s objectives can be achieved. With that in mind, our experiences of leadership by influence help leaders to understand positively, using more influence and less power, how to lead teams in pursuit of the same goal.

Onboarding experience

Who knows you buys you!

The feelings of a new employee in a company can be compared to our first impressions in a different state or country: what does this new place hold for me? How can I make the most of it? Where should I start? What are the best places to go, which people can I connect with and, of course, what are the gains from being in this place? With that in mind, we designed exclusive and personalized onboarding experiences for your employees that go beyond the integration event (which is isolated, scheduled and timely), considering the main elements of organizational culture, generational preferences, technology and active learning.


There are “conversations” that are worth more than graduate school

Remember in your life story how many things have you learned (actually learned) in that famous “conversation with the most experienced”? This practice, when incorporated into the corporate environment, is known as Mentoring and is one of the learning strategies increasingly used in large companies around the world. Learning generated by internal intellectual capital, knowledge management, approximation between areas and accelerated development of potentials are some of the great gains of Mentoring. For these and other reasons, we have designed Mentoring Programs focused on the exchange of experiences oriented to business results and the growth of leaders.

Assessment Key People

Where is the knowledge of your organization?

Knowing which people are most strategic to your company, within a universe of thousands of them, can be challenging. Knowing who has specific and critical knowledge or experience in a given process can be crucial for the management and multiplication of knowledge, innovation and even retention. With a simple system, we can map where this knowledge is installed, which units or areas stand out in its dissemination and who are the key people in this process.


A team is not a group of people

Having teams committed to the company’s objective and working collaboratively may seem like a distant goal. Aspects such as communication, problem solving, organization, roles and responsibilities are crucial and need to be clear so that teams work in an engaged manner. But we know that uniting people around a common goal is not merely a matter of technical knowledge, right? That’s why we design experiences that help build high performance teams with a focus on behaviors, values and skills that are fundamental to team success.

Strategic alignment

To put them all on the same page (preferably one page)

Making decisions in a complex environment, with “n” variables and people involved, is not a trivial task. Defining the course of business, designing strategies and deploying them to units, areas and teams is a constant challenge for leaders, and starting with a well-defined direction is a premise for effective execution. In this sense, conducting a productive meeting that guides strategic discussions and takes advantage of the knowledge and experience of those involved, making the initiatives tangible in a clear and concise manner, is what we do. We like to choose frames and activities that help to structure the discussions in moments of divergence, exploration and convergence, graphically facilitating the meeting.

Construction of identity

Identity and culture are built by all

When someone looks for a place to work, they look for an environment that is in line with their values and beliefs. Thus, teams need to be managed within a clear and widespread culture, so that everyone feels they belong to the organization. Therefore, together we develop a way to build an identity in the company and disseminate it within the company, in order to unite the teams to deliver better results.

Endless moves, now!

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