Operating model

More agility with customer-focused strategy

The classic HR structure with its subsystems was very useful in the times of the industrial era, with its departmentalized vision and guided by its deliverables (remuneration, benefits, training, etc.). But how to act today, in a changing work environment, with several generations, more connection and competition for more and more talent? How to deliver a differentiated experience to employees? To answer these questions, HR must develop a new way of working, more agile and systemic in all its processes, focusing on its client and employees. To this end, we designed a guiding model of HR strategy with pillars of action, co-creating with the client and stakeholders.

HR School

In a world with so much technology, people make the difference

Since the world began, new technologies have taken us out of the comfort zone and changed the way we work, which generates countless impacts on the relationship between professional and company. We can look at history and see that automation, whether through machines or computers, aims to eliminate the repetitive work of the human being as a way to gain productivity, resulting in developments sometimes known, sometimes whose results we still don’t know. And how can HR act in this scnario of increasingly fast change? What is the profile of the professionals who will create this new scenario in HR? How to guide the look to people in the face of challenges whose answers we still don’t have? This is what we intend to help you answer.

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