Design Thinking

To learn how to think with your hands!

We are constantly faced with inventions that have changed the way we deal with the world. Many of them were the result of ideas created from everyday problems, among the various possible reasons. And how do the teams in your organization seek to solve their problems or challenges? With many unproductive meetings? In our Design Thinking experiences, we use sketches, papers and sticky notes to generate a user-centered vision and help generate an innovative mindset among leaders and teams. In these meetings, we want people to increase their capabilities of exploration and realization, “thinking with their hands” in solutions for customers, regardless of who they are.

Design Sprint

An idea that stays on paper is just an idea “That didn’t work out because the team in charge didn’t have time.”

Statements like this are common in the companies where we have been, and the consequences are not good at all: small problems become big, the company does not follow the market, there is loss of competitiveness, low productivity, etc. But how can we prevent ideas from “dying” for lack of time? More than that, how can we make our ideas come out of the paper and be put into practice in an efficient way? Sprint is the method that emerged within Google to create their solutions. Through it, we promote the collaboration between areas and/or teams and the exchange of experiences; an idea is no longer just an idea but a solution tested and validated in a certain number of days, with prototype delivered at the end of time.

Digital Mindset Experiences

The mentality you need to have today!

Every day we come across people complaining about a past that has been and so many others imagining and “prophesying” about a future that has not yet come. But what if, instead, we prepared to live today in the best possible way? We know that being a protagonist in this world that is increasingly VUCA is a challenge: every day a new concept emerges, a new working method, a new solution or a new startup that promises to solve some problem. In this context, knowing how to take advantage of what is already there is one of the best ways to take advantage of today’s movements, knowing how to navigate these unknown waters. Our experiences on digital mindset aim to help in the development of five competencies, which we believe are fundamental to deal with the current world in the best possible way: curiosity, agility, experimentation, networking and analytical thinking.

Experiences on diversity

Seeing the other beyond appearances

Beyond sexual orientation, gender, generation and race, talking about diversity is about respecting different ideas, realities and histories from those you live in. But what about within companies? Do you know the real benefits of working in an environment that promotes diversity? If the plurality of ideas is the basis of innovation and innovative companies grow faster, we already have an answer. But the benefits go far beyond that, because a company that promotes diversity can create happier, more empathetic environments and, consequently, enhance its results. In our experiences on diversity, we work on issues such as empathy, inclusion and active listening, so that they generate a change of thought and reflections on how we are dealing with others, because we believe that successful professionals need to know how to deal with differences in an increasingly plural environment.

Neuroscience in Sales

Understanding how your client can get to the yes!

Knowing who is on the other side of the table is fundamental for a successful sale: knowing your preferences, opinions and concerns can help, and a lot, in the process. But how to know all this if it is the first time we are talking to this person? We believe that, with technology, we will soon have all this information about any individual in our CRM systems, but, while this does not happen, we can appropriate something that also evolves in large steps: neuroscience. When we approach neuroscience applied to sales in our experiences, our specialists present several mental triggers, with which they work to help the negotiator to reach the “yes” and be successful in the sale, with practical and experiential application from the preparation to the approach, going through the objections until the closing of the deal.

Endless moves, now!

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